Logistics instructions

2020-01-16 15:11:05 浙江正星健身器有限公司 Viewd 375
1、 We have joined a number of express delivery companies and will provide the most convenient express delivery company for dear friends according to the actual situation. In most parts of the country, we offer free delivery service (except Tibet, xinjiang, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in remote areas;

2、 Logistics is different from express delivery, the transport time is slower. We can't guarantee the accurate arrival time, we can only judge the approximate arrival time according to experience, please be patient and wait for dear friends, thank you!

Express query

1、 Products traded through official purchase channels will be delivered directly by the manufacturer, which will be delivered by sf express and deppon express by default (choose the appropriate express company according to the region to deliver to you, and the designated express service will not be provided for the time being).

2、 In case the above logistics can not reach the remote areas, the company will open a special line for the customer logistics distribution, to ensure that the product can arrive in time and safely.

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