The invoice process

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1. Delivery time:

The company will issue the invoice and send it out the next month after the customer confirms receipt. The recipient and address of the invoice are the consignee and the receiving address by default。

2、invoice amount:

The invoice value issued by the company is the actual payment amount: that is, the total price of the product less the coupon or store points deduction (if any).

3、Ordinary VAT invoice or special VAT invoice:

All invoices of the company are issued by zhejiang zhengxing fitness equipment co., LTD. Generally, the default of the invoice is ordinary VAT invoice, and the default of the invoice title is "name of consignee" (please inform us in advance if you have special needs).

If you need to issue a special VAT invoice or unit title, be sure to consult online customer service staff before payment, and inform online customer service of your billing needs, and be sure to indicate billing information in the buyer's message. Please confirm the invoice information before payment to avoid unnecessary disputes:

② General VAT invoice required information: full name of company or personal name

② VAT special invoice required information: billing information and business license

4、Modify the invoice:

The invoice title, address and type are not allowed to be modified after the order is paid. If there are special circumstances that really need to modify the invoice information, you must contact the online customer service within one hour after the payment and modify the remarks. If there are no remarks and contact customer service, the system will not be able to modify any information after the overdue entry. Any problems caused by this will be borne by the buyer。

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