Give it up. What are you doing in that shape?

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Fitness is a lonely journey, it does not need to accept anyone's identity, which taste, only you can understand! Fitness is really a fair thing to do, how much sweat there is much harvest。


When did fitness become a fashionable fancy word, when the sight of "swim rings", "three-digit" on the scale, "butterfly arms"... When I developed a strong sense of contempt and hatred, fitness became an occasional word in my life. After looking at a lot of fitness data, feel fitness is really can not be ignored。



After reading a lot of articles on fitness, I think fitness is really something that can't be ignored. Do you realize that the girl next door is just as capable as you, but she is always more likely to get help, more likely to be taken care of, and more likely to get opportunities than you, just because she is taller and longer than you. There is no denying that we belong to the appearance of the association, if two people are equal in all kinds of strength, we will always choose a better looking one. We can't control the appearance, if the foundation is not good even plastic surgery is not easy, but the body is completely capable of change。


However, people are inert, want to change their own, you must insist. At the beginning of exercise, before the habits and ideas have taken shape, I have had countless times to want to give up, want to obey the body's instructions, settle for the status quo, accept it, it will instruct your brain to tell you: "give up, want so good body why? There are many people who are fatter than you in the world. Don't you see how well they live?" It lures you into giving up and resting when exercise is hard. Before exercising again, it keeps telling you that it's going to strike... When I rejected its proposal again and again and did it according to my real intention, its voice gradually weakened. Although it had been there all along, the nerve line that rejected it gradually thickened, and it became easier to refuse again.


No one is born this way, but every day insist。

Howard, a fleshy girl from Mexico, proves it with her own experience。



Howard, 26 years old. Not only is she hot and sexy, but her whole life story is legendary. I've shouldered guns, fired cannons, built airplanes, and stood guard in war-torn Afghanistan... He joined the army after high school, became a combat mechanic and at the age of 19 was sent to Afghanistan for a stint.

Fitness is not just for fat people, thin bodies also need fitness, shape. At that time, she had a handsome physique, which was totally different from her current fleshy body. After she retired, she set her sights on becoming a model, so she embarked on the road to fitness



Build your body by yourself and keep training is the key。


T - bar row plastic feel tight back



The barbell is pulled hard to lift the waist line


Lunges cast sexy legs and hips


Lie on your back and lift your legs to flatten your stomach


Strength training 3-4 times a week to get in shape with sweat。

Howard earned a professional athlete's card through his own efforts. Not only became a fitness model, but also became a hot personal trainer. The attractive face of exotic appeal, curvaceous body that has send, show elegant demeanour on the net, captured 600 thousand plus fan。



Fitness is really a fair thing to do, how much sweat there is much harvest.


『Fitness lovers are lonely!』

They are considered to be weird for spending money and suffering。

Their restraint in eating is considered boring。

Their obsession is considered extreme。

On the way to fitness, everyone is alone,

You can either put up with it or leave it。

But everyone who stayed,

Will be the warriors to defeat their own,

And they get the most valuable things。


Such as the most beautiful coat




Such as the most valuable wealth




Like priceless qualities

——with inflexible will



Such as the most noble temperament




Working out is a lonely journey,

It doesn't need anyone's approval,

The taste, only you can understand!


If you want to work out and change yourself, you have to overcome the inertia of your brain. If you don't treat yourself badly, someone else will treat you badly. When you are at the gym, you should treat people who sweat a lot with great respect。

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